REVIEW: Berlin Fashion Week SS18

Sustainability, Tech and Diversity

Amidst a heatwave in the first week of July, Berlin Fashion Week hit town once again. Here we select our highlights from the occasion – naturally with an emphasis on sustainability and tech.

Kicking off the proceedings at the MBFW EWerk runway, Dutch design duo and Royal Academy of Antwerp alumni Botter continued to make a splash with their award-winning Fish or Flight collection, while exploring themes of migration (both designers have Caribbean roots) in their latest unisex collection Al Fombra. Designed to raise awareness of how our everyday plastic consumption and petrochemical corporations are destroying the planet’s oceans, Fish or Flight took home the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision at the Hyères Festival and was a top ten finalist for the LVMH Prize 2018. To have such an exciting young brand open Berlin Fashion Week is surely a harbinger of good things to come.


NEONYT Greenshowroom Kraftwerk

NEONYT / Greenshowroom trade fair, Kraftwerk

Whether leather can ever be ethical is questionable, however produced under circular, zero-waste conditions, its longevity and durability can make it more sustainable than, say, cotton canvas. Luxury fashion tech brand Josefin Liljeqvist made the case for fully traceable leather production, using storytelling as a tool to help improve global animal protection – which in turn would ideally foster a more sustainable ecosystem. Each skin used to make the shoe comes with a unique tracking code so that the end consumer can learn exactly how the animal led a happy life at an eco-certified farm, therefore creating an emotional connection to it. As noted in the NEONYT brochure, sustainable approaches come in many forms, so it is important to keep an open mind and weigh up all the options.

In the evening back at EWerk, handpicked pieces from NEONYT were sent down the runway for the Greenshowroom Selected show, curated and styled by Claudia Hofmann (and somewhat ironically soundtracked to Plastic Dreams). For the first time, Greenshowroom Selected was part of the MBFW lineup, placing sustainable fashion on a more “mainstream” platform: an encouraging indication of an industry-wide move towards eco-friendly fashions being the norm and not the exception – we raise a glass of sekt to that!


Greenshowroom Selected – Top: Margaret and Hermione, Skirt: Graciela Huam, Bracelets: Alama, Handbag: Meron by Leather EXOTICA, Slippers: Baboosha @ MBFW, EWerk

The #FashionTech conference took to the Kraftwerk stage the following day, with a series of slick presentations focused strongly on selling product and the customer experience – or “emotions” – as eloquently put by Michael Kliger, President and Managing Director of MyTheresa. It was particularly eye-opening to see how enormous the readership/following for trendy e-commerce/media platforms like ABOUT YOU compared to long-established fashion print publications, and as Florian Heinemann, Founding Partner of Project A Ventures, affirmed: “Companies with direct access to users and the ability to maintain active customer relationships have a chance to prevail.”

As much as the #FashionTech speakers rhapsodised over exponential growth, convergent technologies and holistic experiences, the conference would have been more well-rounded had the discussion went beyond fashion tech in retail and marketing, i.e. at the sourcing and production stages, and importantly – with more female speakers! There was also barely a mention about sustainability, and considering the event shares a stage with FashionSustain, it would make sense for there to be more synergy between the two. FashionSustain on the other hand could have benefitted from exploring the customer more, as innovations in recycling and transparency are fantastic – but whether the average consumer engages or buys into it is another story.



FashionSustain Thinkathon Kraftwerk

FashionSustain Thinkathon @ Kraftwerk

In the meantime however, the Sourcebook co-organised FashionSustain Thinkathon did bring all these factors together in a collaborative ideas workshop to solve industry-based challenges set by Hugo Boss, KPMG x Microsoft Hololens and Techtextil & Texprocessread a summary of the results here.

Another day, another conference, the Zeit Magazin x Vogue Konferenz was held at the Kronprinzenpalais, and following on from Berlin Fashion Week AW18 it was great to see local style heroes Jörg & Maria Köch of 032c, and Founders/Creative Directors of GmbH, Serhat Isik and Benjamin Huseby, as well as 2016 LVMH Prize-winning London menswear designer Grace Wales Bonner on the podium.



Change Fashoin Zeit Magazine Vogue Konferenz Kronprinzenpalais

“Does fashoin need to change?” Zeit Magazine x Vogue Konferenz @ Kronprinzenpalais

Hitting all the right notes with their Berlin-clubbing inspired outfits collaged together from deadstock fabrics, GmbH conveyed how they find freedom of expression through fashion, using the well-publicised medium as a platform to explore and raise awareness of issues such as racism, homophobia and religious discrimination, much like Botter above with pollution and migration or for Wales Bonner the representation of a black masculinity that isn’t athletic or urban. Just days before in Paris too, Vetements unveiled their latest collection with an app to educate fans about the political turmoil of their home country of Georgia, further demonstrating that fashion can be far from frivolous.

Comparing two very different approaches to affordable sustainable fashion, Marie Dewet of Maison Cléo was put in conversation alongside Thorsten Mindermann, CEO of H&M Deutschland. Launched on Instagram in 2016, each made-to-order Maison Cléo piece is lovingly handmade by Dewet’s mother from cut-price roll end fabrics, with material and labour costs disclosed on the product page. The whimsical French-chic styles quickly amassed a following of social media influencers, calling into question whether social media platforms like Instagram could completely replace traditional sales and marketing channels. Where Maison Cléo trades on its exclusivity (the e-boutique is only open on Wednesdays) the H&M Conscious Collection creates sustainable fashion for the masses. Both parties agreed that as long as prices are attractive, sustainable fashion will grow, and perhaps H&M could take a leaf out of Maison Cléo’s book and be more transparent about their pricing.


William Fan @ Schinkel Pavillon. Photo: Rachel Isarela

From the surrounding rooftops, builders stopped to take in the William Fan show below: first-hand evidence that fashion and beauty have the power to influence, to not only be diverse but inclusive.


Title image: Horror Vacui x Swarovski @ Der Berliner Salon, Kronprinzenpalais. All images photographed by Daniel Gebhardt unless otherwise stated.


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