Re'aD Summit 2018 – Half Price Ticket Offer

Digital Development in the Supply Chain

On the 15th November 2018, the Re'aD Summit returns to Düsseldorf for the second time. Re-inventing the analogue to digital, the Re’aD Summit is a new forum for the digitised supply chain. Globalisation and digitisation are accelerating development in production and distribution, so to keep up to speed, the supply chain is also in need of an upgrade. Through a series of lectures and exhibition areas, the Re’aD Summit presents best practice examples and state of the art technologies in digital transformation.

Making communication more efficient between suppliers, manufacturers and other businesses offering services to the fashion and textiles industries, the Re’aD Summit looks at virtual design development – from 3D modelling, colour and surface matching to printing – innovative logistics and sustainable practices aided by digitisation. The summit is targeted at fashion, interior design and accessories business but also those in the chemical, automotive, marketing and communication industries.

Sourcebook CEO Marte Hentschel will be moderating the panel „Nachhaltig denken – digital handeln!“ (“Think sustainably – act digitally!”) at the Re’aD Summit, alongside a quality lineup of lectures from Adidas, Hugo Boss, Levi’s, RWTH Aachen and Première Vision – as well as a roundtable talk with the exhibitors of the Digital Textile Connection showcase.


Half Price Ticket offer for Sourcebook readers

The DMI – the Deutsches Mode Institut: the organisers of the Re'aD Summit – are offering Sourcebook readers ten half price tickets at €170 instead of €340. Simply email Regina Roth with “Sourcebook” in the subject line, and you will subsequently receive a link to order the reduced ticket. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis – so get in there quick!


Please note that the summit will mostly be in German.

All information can be found on the Re’aD Summit website.



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