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Founded in 1973, Lectra is a technology company specialising in CAD software and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) cutting systems for leather and textiles.

Taking a holistic approach that incorporates machinery, software, data and services, Lectra provides turnkey solutions for the apparel, furniture and automotive industries. By digitising, automating and optimising product design, development and manufacturing, their solutions reinvent the value chain to make businesses more profitable, sustainable and agile.

Headquartered in Paris with 32 subsidiaries across the globe, Lectra serves customers in over 100 countries, with 20 000 customers – from Hermès to H&M – in the fashion sector alone. Whether tailoring or sportswear, denim or lingerie, Lectra has solutions for all types of garments and fashion business models.



For starters, Modaris is Lectra’s flagship CAD software for apparel to make patterns that fit, Kaledo enables designers to create fabrics and clothing collections virtually, while Diamino lays out markers (cutting guides) at the click of a button to improve yield and cost savings, by reducing fabric waste in the cutting process (aka nesting).


Fashion On Demand


After four years and €35m in R&D, Lectra launched their pioneering end-to-end solution Fashion On Demand in January 2019. Automating the entire personalisation process from product development to final cutting stages, Fashion On Demand allows brands and manufacturers to offer custom products that accurately match supply with demand.

Standard supply chains designed for mass production lack the flexibility to create customised products, leaving brands with little choice but to develop independent workflows for each item, incurring additional production costs as well as prologing lead times.


Connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), Fashion On Demand is able to streamline and process multiple orders at once, in unprecedented delivery times. The design-sell-produce model (as opposed to design-produce-sell) also solves a host of other issues from eliminating overstock and markdowns, to improving cash flow with upfront payments.

Fashion On Demand is available as two packages: Made-to-Measure for fit and pattern adjustments, while the Customization package modifies product characteristics, such as colour and embroidery. Garments that are personalised to the customer in terms of both fit and style enables brands to optimise fabric usage, minimise waste, lower energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint, and in turn meet demands for more sustainable clothing.

“The immediate benefits of the solution are obvious in terms of the quality, productivity and versatility of the machine, which allows us to be much more responsive," says Jean-Yves Collet, CEO of Belles Roches Couture, who have relied on Lectra cutting solutions since 1996. "Our goal with Fashion on Demand is to perform better and keep pace with market growth."

With personalisation set to become the paradigm across all industries, the Fashion On Demand solution firmly reinforces Lectra’s position as an Industry 4.0 visionary.


Download the Lectra Fashion on Demand brochure here.


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Produktmanager (m/w/d)

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams bei dem Label Atelier Tatjana Philipp suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Termin Unterstützung im Bereich Produktmanagement.

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