Call for Thinkathon Participants

Be part of our collaborative ideas workshop!

Once again Sourcebook and Future Fashion Forward will be holding the THINKATHON challenge on behalf of Messe Frankfurt as part of the FashionSustain and FashionTech conferences at Kraftwerk Berlin during this summer’s Berlin Fashion Week. We are now looking for Participants for the collaborative ideas workshop on Monday 2nd to Tuesday 3rd July 2018 to carry out one mission: Co-create a sustainable future for fashion.

The Thinkathon is inspired by the collaborative computer programming hackathon format, tried-and-tested in the startup ecosystem. For two days, multidisciplinary teams of international experts work together to find innovative solutions to current challenges in the fashion and textile industries. Challenges are set by companies and organisations from within the industry – for example Zalando and Fashion Council Germany were Challenge Hosts for last season – and again we have some great partners on board for the upcoming edition.

Thinkathon Participants benefit from working together with experts from different disciplines – from fashion and textiles, to technology, science and research – and are supervised by ‘design thinking’ coaches. At the end of the second day, a summary of the workshop results will be presented in front of a specialist audience, including the Challenge Hosts, on the FashionSustain conference stage.

In addition, Thinkathon Participants will be given access to the following events:


If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, or if you would like to recommend a participant, then please fill out this form by Thursday 14th June.


If you would like any further information please get in touch!


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Hello, i'm looking for someone who has a professional button hole machine that I could use,
Thanks in advance for the help.

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Fashion Brand & Apparel Manufacture

Hello everyone,

Being ready isnt enough nd prepared for it is what makes you guys curious and press on this post.
you want things to happen,but you dont know how ? long time ago i was...

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i'm a creator of content on youtube, i also create and want to learn !
Production and handmade apparel supplier from Nepal
Manufacture and customisation of performance sportswear
Ich erforsche Digitalisierungsprozesse in der Modebranche