Berlin Fashion Week AW19: The Sustainable Selection

Our comprehensive guide to all things Sustainability, Tech and Innovation at Berlin Fashion Week AW19



Tuesday 15th – Thursday 17th January 2019

Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

Fresh for 2019, Kraftwerk Berlin will be transformed into the NEONYT hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation. Here you will find the Neonyt trade fair (formerly the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and the Greenshowroom), the #Fashiontech and Fashionsustain – as well as the UNLOCK Style by ZEITmagazin – conferences, various showcases, screenings and events.



The portmanteau, Neonyt, brings the Greek neo (new, revolutionary) with the Swedish nytt (new) to articulate the paradigm shift the fashion industry is currently undergoing.

Access to Neonyt is free however tickets will need to be purchased to attend the conferences – read on for all the details and links you need!




Wednesday 16th January, 10:00 until late

Kraftwerk main stage and offstage

Water is the theme for the Fashionsustain conference this season, commencing at 10:45 with a keynote from Clare Press, Sustainability Editor-at-Large at Vogue Australia, followed by the panel discussion Water x Fashion: The Glocal Perspective with Amira Jehia (BlueBen), Marijke Schöttmer (Tchibo), Philipp Wagnitz (WWF) and Ulf Jaeckel (BMU).

The lectures and talks on the main stage conclude with the Thinkathon presentation at 17:45 – but don’t miss the various activities offstage throughout the day and night, including the workshop De-construct your design: Work with coloured yarn and use less water and chemicals with Beatrice Fernquist, We aRe Spindye product manager, at 12:30 in the Schaltraum, on the upper floor of Kraftwerk. Come 19:30 catch the live stream of the Neonyt Fashion Show (at ewerk, invite only) on the big screen at the Neonyt Party.


Showcase of Change

16th – 17th January 

Kraftwerk upper floor

Learn more about the companies and organisations taking part in Fashionsustain at the Showcase of Change with exhibits from We aRe SpinDye, WWF Germany, Remei AG, as well as stands from AMD, Thinkathon and ZyseMe presenting the latest developments in sustainable fashion and tech.


Tencel Lenzing

Tencel, by Lenzing

Innovation Roadshow: The Future of Eco-Conscious Footwear Manufacturing


Messe Frankfurt’s Texpertise Network rolls out the Innovation Roadshow at Neonyt Berlin 2019/01, bringing together the Fashionsustain conference, Thinkathon and a series of showcases dedicated to responsible, state-of-the-art innovation in the textiles industry. The first showcase, which takes place at the Showcase of Change, looks at eco-conscious footwear manufacturing with Lenzing AG, Santoni SPA and Procalçado SA. Representatives from each company will also be participating in a panel discussion on Wednesday 16th January from 15:00 to 16:30 in the Schaltraum.





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