3D Body Scanning – Finding the Perfect Fit

Introducing thullex GmbH, our latest Sourcebook Partner, and their next generation feet and body scanners.


Go back a century or two, it’s quite likely you were wearing clothes made to fit you. Measurements would be taken, a tailor or dressmaker would draft a unique pattern, or maybe you were cutting out your own. Episodes such as the American Civil War in the 1860s called for a faster way to mass-produce military uniforms, and so standard sizing came to be – an algorithm for average body proportions. Driven by commercial interests, standard sizing spilt over into the consumer market, facilitating the arrival of fast fashion and an abundance of ill-fitting clothing worldwide. 

In order to help brands and customers navigate the complexities of size, Berlin-based thullex GmbH have developed the nextButler and nextGen 3D scanners, for body and feet respectively. thullex began as a made-to-measure shirt manufacturer in 2014, opening an online shop two years later to realise it would be handy if the customer could be measured virtually.


Their 3D scanning solutions available today use harmless, non-invasive infrared to generate a point cloud, which can then be converted into a 3D model or precise measurements. These can be used in bespoke and made-to-measure garments, or simply to find clothes and shoes that fit, whether that’s online or in an IRL store – the scanning equipment barely takes up a square metre of space, only needs to be plugged into a standard power supply and have internet access. What’s more, the user takes control of the scanner themselves through a mobile device, and can keep their clothes on in the process.

Combined with virtual design and on-demand production the scanning technology could help spell an end to wasteful manufacturing and excess inventory. In the meantime, thullex would like standard sizes in clothes and shoes to be replaced with individual 3D-IDs so that they can be matched with a customer’s measurements in an instant. And who doesn’t love a pair of jeans that fit perfectly? 


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