A Year Full of Surprises: Our Recap

It’s getting colder outside, Christmas markets are opening up and New Year’s Eve is moving closer. Time is flying by so fast! December is always  the perfect moment to reflect on the year and recap what exciting things have happened!

Probably the most exciting news that we have shared with you this year is the merger of Sourcebook and Sqetch and with it the creation of a bigger and better sourcing platform. Having joined forces opens up even more exciting business opportunities and partnerships within the fashion and textiles industry. The combined platform will increase the member base to 25.000 and will be operated under sqetch.co.

The end of one year always brings with it the start of a new year with many new and exciting opportunities. One of these opportunities comes from SmartX Europe, who recently opened a call for Expression of Interest for innovation projects in the smart textiles manufacturing chain. The call is destined to European SMEs, as well as start-ups within the smart textile sector in addition to related sectors. The last possible date to sign up for this great opportunity is the 15th of February 2020.

2019 was for Sqetch a great year where we had the chance to meet a lot of new people, businesses and concepts and where new partnerships have been created. We are happy to announce that Jubel Media, Lectra, Santoni, Show my Size and We Make Shirts have become our partners!

Where can you better connect with others, share your knowledge and create ideas and projects for the future then on international events. Therefore, we put a great emphasis on participating and organizing meaningful events throughout the entire year. 

We started of with our third edition of the Thinkathon Series, a hackathon-inspired collaborative ideas workshop, that took place at this years  NEONYT in January during Berlin Fashion Week. In May, during the Techtextil the different aspects of technical textiles, from nonwovens to functional apparel, have been covered and enable its visitors to discover the current and future happenings within the industry. This year we also travelled to Scotland for a three-day program, organized by the Fashion Council Germany in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation and Swarovski. The program which was full of panels, workshops and factory visits. Then we moved on to the Smart Textiles Business Delegation to Finland that gave its participants the opportunity to learn from and build up strong partnerships with Finnish companies. Furthermore, we attended the first Fashionsustain Conference in Shanghai which drives forward the internationalisation of Fashionsustain.

This year was also the start of Texcycle, a monthly series of articles going round the textile value chain spotlighting materials, techniques and systems that can help close the loop. We considered Raw Materials, Biofabrication, Innovative Dyeing, Biomimicry, Virtual Design and Sampling, New Modes of Production, Sustainable Smart Textiles and Wearables and Sustainable Fashion Accelerators.



Texcycle #5 Virtual Design and Sampling

What 2020 entails for Sqetch

The relaunch of the merged platform will happen by the end of the year! Both teams based in Amsterdam and Berlin are highly motivated to work together with all of you in 2020. The different skills that are brought from both companies will enable to provide you with an even better content, platform and opportunities to network and find potential partners. We are already with joy looking forward to start the year off well with this year’s edition of the NEONYT. We are also looking forward for all the upcoming events in Europe and Asia and we will keep you posted! We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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