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Always get the right fit with the Show My Size app

Shopping for clothes online is easy – but selecting the right size isn’t always so simple. This is where Show My Size comes to the rescue to help you find the correct fit and forget about returns. The virtual garment sizing app from Austria has won numerous awards including Best Austrian Retail Startup 2018 and Best Mobile Marketing Solution 2019, earning co-founder and CEO Etienne Koo a spot in the Forbes 30 Under 30 DACH list this year for the company’s innovative approach using 3D avatars.


We sit down with Etienne to find out more about the features of the app and how they are making online shopping more social and sustainable.


What is your company’s mission? 

To let everybody find outfits that fit, no matter which body type, and create a world where people buy their apparel without the necessity of returns – thereby reducing unnecessary transportation, emissions and waste, as well as improving the wellbeing of society and nature. 


How did you start?

We started in 2016 with 3D Body Scanners, aiming to integrate these into physical stores where they could connect to virtual applications – but offline retail was not ready for this yet. With e-commerce, we were not big fans of ordering several sizes, trying them on at home and sending back the stuff that didn’t fit. So we tried to find a solution. We took our data, created 3D avatars and an algorithm that can predict sizes. By answering a few simple questions – height, weight, gender etc. – users can easily find out their clothing size without having to make videos, get measured or measure themselves. Our algorithm is self-learning, so even if we are wrong, we keep learning in order to achieve our no returns goal. The simple approach of our algorithm brought us the title of Best AI Startup in Austria 2019.

What are your services?

We are a B2C app that users can download for free, set up their sizing profile, then start shopping and connecting with other users. Once the sizing profile is set up, users can see the recommended sizes for a variety of brands, as well as post outfits and tag sizes themselves to help others find clothes that fit. In this sector we are one-of-a-kind. At the same time we cooperate with a variety of fashion brands, both big and small. They are listed in the app, often alongside their products – brands can post their own outfits too – which lead to their homepages so users can shop there in their size directly.

Who would you like to collaborate with? 

We are looking for an awesome long-term mix of national and international brands who want to participate in the mission of fewer returns with the help of our app. So we are looking for partnerships with cool fashion brands, as well as fashion influencers, who want to cooperate with us or present their collections in the app.


Try the app on for size and connect with other users to find your perfect fit! Download for Android and iOS.

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