Made in Poland: Production in Gorzów Wielkopolski

Last month Sourcebook held the workshop Breaking Points in Communication and Tools in Gorzów Wielkopolski as part of the Berlin-Poland initiative to help strengthen cross-border collaboration between Berlin-based brands and Polish manufacturers. The workshop was followed by a networking dinner and speed dating, as well as a tour of select factories in and around the city – which can be reached in just two hours by train from Berlin-Lichtenberg. 

Whether womenswear or protective workwear, upholstery or leather, if you’re looking to produce in Europe these manufacturers are eager to hear from you!



Garments and upholstery 

MOQ: 50-100 pieces p/style

Contact: / +48 602702600

  • Knits and wovens 
  • Womenswear, menswear, kids and sportswear
  • Embroidery and printing
  • Protective workwear (firefighting, sailing etc.)
  • Outdoor and waterproof clothing and furniture

Family-run company in operation since 1889, fully equipped with many kinds of sewing machines, producing solely for the export market: mainly Europe but also the USA, Norway and Switzerland.


Swalnia Bracka

Garments and costume

MOQ: 10-100 pieces p/style

Contact: / +48 537 643 200

  • Sustainable production
  • Deadstock upcycling
  • Sample making
  • Outerwear
  • Tailoring
  • Knitting
  • Leather and fur

Founded by two designers, Swalnia Bracka offers pattern-cutting and sampling from their workshop in Warsaw and handle production at their second site in Gorzów.


Giulia S.

Leather accessories 

MOQ: 80-100 pieces p/style

Contact: / +48 609 419 932

  • Leather bags and belts
  • Vegan leather

Team of eight leather specialists, producing high quality bags and belts by hand with excellent attention to detail.



Leather garments 

MOQ: 1-15 pieces p/style

Contact: / +48 95 7 23 99 77

  • Leather craftsmanship
  • Made-to-measure and bespoke 

Founded in 1985 by leather aficionado Ludwik Obszański, who mainly works alone, but takes on employees for larger productions (max. 200 pieces p/style). Cuts and grading can also be done on site.




MOQ: 5-50 pieces p/style

Contact: / (+48) 95 722 57 38

  • Protective workwear (police, beekeeping etc.)
  • Technical materials (tents, tarpaulin etc.)
  • Embroidery and printing (logos, labels, decorative details etc.)

Spread over four floors of an old mill, Irmek offers employment to people with physical and mental disabilities to help integrate them into the workplace, shifts are therefore no longer than seven hours.


Garments and upholstery

MOQ: 50 pieces p/style

Contact: / +48 609 265 005

  • Womenswear
  • Upholstery

Traditional family business (they even live on site), specialised in womenswear and cuts should be made beforehand.


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Eine Schürze aus altem Banner


ich suche jemanden, der*die kurzfristig aus einem alten PVC-Banner eine Schürze nähen kann wie hier:

Bild des Benutzers Tatiana BRMND

>1000 slides, rings, suspender clips for harness or lingerie

I sell several thousand rings, slides and suspender clips of various sizes left over from a planned project. New and unused (gold, black, white).

All different sizes and colors you can see...

Bild des Benutzers Peri Fashion

Herstellung der Leinenbeutel, Kissen, Werbetextilien und Heimtextilien

Lohnnäherei bietet Fertigung der hochwertigen Textilien
in Loharbeit oder Vollgeschäft an.
Heimtextilien und Werbetextilien aus 100% Leinen oder ECO - zertiffizierter Baumwolle....

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Textildrucker für Bedruckung von Baumwollstoffen gesucht

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich suche eine Firma die Baumwollstoffe in voller breite Bedrucken kann.
Sachdienliche Hinweise bitte an ...

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Searching for sustainable recycled materials
founding new shirt brand
Herstellung von Walkkleidung
Ihr habt die Idee (Design), ich erschaffe die Realität (Prototyp).