TCBL Matchmaking Pilot

In partnership with TCBL: Textile & Clothing Business Labs, the EU textile and clothing project bringing manufacturing back to Europe, we have set up a Matchmaking Pilot programme to connect suppliers with brands and designers.

From Portugal to Romania, we introduce the four companies currently on the scheme to the Sourcebook community. So if you’re looking for womenswear production, custom buttons, felt accessories or hand-loomed woolens, read on to find the contacts below!


Katty Fashion

Womenswear production

Founded in Romania in 2003, Katty Fashion started out manufacturing quality garments for high street labels in the UK and other European countries. Today they supply womenswear across the fashion capitals of Europe, as well as the USA. Katty Fashion offers bespoke services in product development and manufacturing, from sourcing sustainable fabrics and trimmings to collaborating with clients to optimise prototyping, pattern cutting, grading and digitisation. The finished garments can be ordered in small, medium or customised series.



Dolejši Fashion Buttons

Buttons and Jewellery production

Celebrating 80 years of family-run business, Dolejši Fashion Buttons has been making buttons in Slovenia since 1938. Offering buttons and jewellery made from natural materials as well as plastic, they also provide custom covered buttons, laser cutting and engraving services. Dolejši Fashion Buttons is part of the Slovenian development cooperative Etri, which strives to build a more inclusive society by creating sustainable workplaces and employment for vulnerable groups.

+ 386 (0)41 697 339



Footwear, Hats and Accessories production

Launched in 2017 as a project to reinvent local artisan craft, Olives is a natural and ethical footwear and accessories brand putting felt at the forefront. Based in the Oliva Creative Factory in São João da Madeira, Portugal, the city is known internationally for producing premium felt for hats. Combining the region’s footwear and millinery heritage, Olives keeps ancestral felting methods alive by marrying them with innovative techniques and providing jobs for the vulnerable.

+351 916 297 901


Tessitura la Colombina

Womenswear product development and short run/customised production

The Colombo family started producing silk in spinning mills in 1895. Over the years, due to changing markets, they converted the production into knitted and loomed fabrics. Using both the latest knit machines and antique handlooms from the 1800s, today the Colombo family specialise in 100% cashmere garments, woolen accessories and exclusive hand-loomed textiles and accessories, for those who want something special or to develop a particular project together.

+39 0422 739715/837047


Title Image: Isabel and Filomena, founders of Olives


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