PARTNER PROFILE: Texpertise Network

The global network for textiles professionals

Who are you?

Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser and the Texpertise Network represents its 50 international textile fairs. We are a network for people and brands in the textiles industry.

What’s your mission?

We provide the optimum platform for professional collaborations: our fairs are inspirational meeting points with exhibitors from all over the world who operate at the textile industry’s cutting edge. We not only look at what’s happening now but also identify the markets of the future.



Where are you located?

Find us at textile fairs in Atlanta, Raleigh, New York, Buenos Aires, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Moscow, Addis Ababa, Cape Town, Dubai, New Delhi, Changsha, Mumbai, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tokyo. The Messe Frankfurt office is located in Frankfurt am Main.

How did you start and when?

It all began in 1971 with the first independent Heimtextil trade fair, and at the end of the 1980s, Interstoff in Hong Kong marked Messe Frankfurt’s first foray abroad. In 2017 we had over 50 events worldwide, with 22,455 exhibitors and 523,375 visitors.



What are your products and services?

The products and services on offer at our fairs cover the whole value chain in the textile industry: research, development, yarns, fabrics, clothing, fashion, production, home textiles, technical textiles, processing and cleaning technologies. The Texpertise Network acts as a central communication platform providing information about the textile brands and services at Messe Frankfurt. In our “Newsroom”, trade fair visitors, exhibitors, associations and the press can also find the latest news from the international textile industry and Messe Frankfurt’s textile fairs.

Who are your clients and customers?

Messe Frankfurt offers events for the whole of the textile industry across four sectors. Apparel Fabrics & Fashion covers all fairs for fabrics, yarns, garment manufacture, leather and sustainable fashion in the form of Texworld, Apparel Sourcing, Intertextile, Yarn Expo, Neonyt (formerly Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Greenshowroom), Leatherworld and Emitex. Interior & Contract Textiles combines platforms for interior textile design, namely: Heimtextil, Intertextile Home Textiles, Interior Lifestyle and Home Textiles Sourcing. Technical Textiles & Textile Processing embraces four fairs: Techtextil, Texprocess, Simatex and Confemaq. Last but not least, Textile Care comprises the Texcare fair and its events for textile care.



Who would you like to collaborate with?

We work with strong partners for successful, professional, international collaborations. Whether you are an association, company, funding institution or specialist institute, working with Messe Frankfurt will add value in many various ways.

What do you want to achieve in the future?

We’ve set ourselves a big challenge: when it comes to textile trade fairs, our aim is to be the absolute benchmark – for individual market players, and also for the entire industry. How can we achieve this? By bringing the most important and ambitious trade fairs from the textiles industry together under one roof.


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