Textile Wearables in the World of IoT

Centexbel's SmartX conference in Liège 01.10.19

German Scottish Sustain workshops and panel talks

Text: Vorgestellt: Scott Lipinksi
The Fashion Council Germany Sustain Concept goes to Scotland

SmartX IoT Hackathon Berlin 29th & 30th October 2019

On behalf of the SmartX Accelerator Programme we invite all Smart Textiles SMEs and start-ups to join our IoT Hackathon on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of October 2019 in Berlin.


Made in Poland: Production in Gorzów Wielkopolski

Text: Mairi Hare
Presenting six manufacturers just beyond the border.

Community & Event Management Internship

Sourcebook is a consulting and matchmaking agency for the fashion and textiles industry, with a focus on sustainable innovation and transparent supply chains. We also engineer a range of...

3D Body Scanning – Finding the Perfect Fit

Text: Mairi Hare
Introducing thullex GmbH, our latest Sourcebook Partner, and their next generation feet and body scanners.

Fashionsustain SS19 Takeaways

Text: Mairi Hare Foto: Daniel Gebhardt
For an industry seasoned to change, delivering sustainability is slow.

Wear It Innovation Summit 2019 Review

Text: Mairi Hare Vorgestellt: Thomas Gnahm
The hottest wearable tech event in Europe.