Next Tex: 5th-7th September 2017 @ KEYHOUSE, Munich Fabric Start

We are pleased to announce that we will be working together with Munich Fabric Start for the third time, where we’ll be presenting Next Tex: A Textile Innovation Showcase.

Featuring 13 leading enterprises in the fields of wearables, advanced materials and AR/VR you’ll be able to enter the next dimension of 3D modelling with Microsoft HoloLens, test the fabrics of the future and try on the latest looks in Fashion-Tech. Our stand, taking up 150m2 of the Keyhouse space, serves as a platform to explore how cutting edge technology can be utilised to enhance the fashion and textile industries: from smart business practice through to maximising creative potential.

Founded in 1996, Munich Fabric Start today showcases a rigorously selected portfolio of 1000+ suppliers from over 35 countries, attracting in excess of 20 000 visitors over the three days. Held twice a year, the trade show presents a vast range of fabrics and accessories – from high-performance sportswear to haute couture – alongside dedicated sections for denim, sustainable fashion, prints, and future perspectives. This last point was the raison d’être for the opening of the Keyhouse interactive innovation centre, where expert workshops, trend lectures and seminars on the subject are held in conjunction with the exhibitors.

Here we are proud to introduce our 13 partners at Next Tex:


  • Avant Soundable Fashion
  • Layla de Mue
  • Lina Wassong
  • Luzpac
  • Skarabeos
  • Utope


Layla de Mue’s Syma Line 

Fusing natural fibres with conductive, sonically-reactive materials, Layla de Mue’s Syma Line visualises sound to explore the symbiosis between music, fashion and science. Each garment is based on a Chladni figure – patterns formed by vibrating surfaces – and lights up in response to noise, illustrating how frequencies influence the physical world.

Advanced materials:

  • ITA Aachen
  • Kraftplex
  • Statex
  • Textilburg
  • Warm X


  • Microsoft HoloLens


Microsoft HoloLens

Described as the next generation of computing, the Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality optical head-mounted display that lets you interact with three-dimensional holograms in the real world. Released in 2016, the mixed reality smart-glasses are set to transform how we create, communicate and collaborate – whether that’s 3D modelling with the tip of your finger, experiencing catwalk shows in-store with direct POS (point of sale) integration or setting up virtual fitting rooms in the comfort of your own home – the possibilities are endless


Stage Program of Sourcebook @ Munich Fabric Start January 2017

Come and see where the HoloLens takes your imagination and more by visiting us at Stand 21, Hall #5, Keyhouse. You are also warmly invited to attend our lectures and workshops:


“Next Tex: A New Exhibition Format” – Wednesday 15:00–17:00 @ the main stage

Rethinking the fashion and garment industries with Anna Rojahn, founder of 360° product photography company Fast Forward Imaging; Cindy Frank, bringing the HoloLens via KPMG; Marlis Heck of the EU-funded innovation project Textile and Clothing Business Labs (TCBL) fostering local manufacture; and Sourcebook’s very own CEO Marte Henschel: production and supply chain maven.


“RIFT: How to close the gap between technology and sustainability” – Thursday 11:00–12:00 @ the main stage

Moderated by sustainable fashion and textiles expert Max Gilgenmann, with Qasim Ahmed of eco-denim mill Kassim Denim; Lina Pfeifer, Germany / Austria / Switzerland representative for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS); Volker Lutz from the ITA Aachen materials research institute; and Marte Henschel on the panel.


“Introducing STATEX: Silver-Coated Fabrics” – Tuesday 14:30–15:00 and Wednesday 10:30–11:00 @ Next Tex, Stand 21, Hall #5, Keyhouse

Statex is a global market-leader in silver-coated textiles, whose electro-conductive, radio frequency-shielding, anti-bacterial properties are used in such diverse industries as smart fabrics, medicine and aerospace. Discover the full range and functions of Statex materials in a workshop led by Britta Moritzer.


Stage Session of Sourcebook @ Munich Fabric Start January 2017

Watch this space for spotlight features on our exhibitors, and for free access to Munich Fabric Start don’t forget to register for your visitor badge here – we look forward to seeing you there!

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